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Data-driven Sports Betting

Thanks to our exclusive partnerships with global leaders in analyzing and leveraging the power of sports data, we are able to employ a dedicated team of in-house specialists who closely monitor price changes from nearly almost all bookmakers and exchanges around the globe. We generate successful margins above the market average. With sophisticated, real-time risk management and market monitoring tools we optimize your wagering with our proven market algorithms minimizing risk and maximizing your financial security.

Our data and statistics partnerships ensure the highest quality information that the general betting public does not have access to. We manage all of the important match details closely and efficiently in order to scan a full and comprehensive range of betting opportunities.

We Will Make You Money

Investing Vs. Gambling

Whenever an individual spends money with the expectation that the endeavor will return a profit, they are investing. If the success or failure depends primarily on chance, that high-risk speculation is typically akin to gambling; whereas lower-risk investing uses a basis of fundamentals and analysis.

The challenge in Analytic methods of Mathematical modeling is that the interpretation of the data is unclear to the user. We filter out the irrelevance to see the underlying relationships and extract useful information in the presence of apparent randomness. Through data preparation and analysis, we utilize our unbiased model parameters in order to derive the event probabilities. We then use historical data and convert trends and patterns into probability distributions and odds.

The sharpest information on sporting events can arrive just hours before they start. You should receive our selections at least 30 minutes before matches begin. We urge all of our clients to have mobile access to their email/phone so that when selections are ready, you’ll be notified immediately.