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A review on Claustral Canyon

Another review on Claustral Canyon

Really nicely done.

I used this on the Oculus GO. This is visually absolutely brilliant and the only way I will ever be able to explore this gorgeous place.

A review on the Claustral Canyon VR installation at the Govetts Leap Visitors Centre, Blackheath, NSW, Australia

Thank you very much for sharing all of your creations for people to enjoy.  It is such a pleasure listening to visitors “Wow” or “OMG, this is amazing” when experiencing the VR Claustral Canyon.  Gee whiz, I feel lucky we are able to offer this amazing experience in our Visitor Centre.

See this link for the Virtual Canyon experience at the Visitors’ Centre:

A review on “Flume Gorge in Winter”

This isn’t a meditation app, but it’s more calming than any of the meditation apps I’ve tried. A very pleasant way to spend 25 minutes!

A review of the Horseshoe Bend experience

This experience received a Gold award on the Oculus Go Getters YouTube channel.


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