The New England Experience

Lost Eagle Studios is excited to announce it will be imaging a series of beautiful natural locations in North East America over the coming months in Virtual Reality, and making these experiences available for free on the Oculus Store. 

America’s North East is home to incredibly beautiful mountains, lakes, gorges, and waterfalls. Some places, such as Mount Washington, Cape Cod, and Maine’s Acadia National Park, are really well known. But there are other off the beaten track places just waiting to be discovered. 

It goes without saying how beautiful New England gets with its varying seasons. In the Fall, the trees become so alive with red they look like they are on fire. My favorite is a magical combination of red, yellow, and green. It is very hard to describe that intense feeling when you are standing inside a covered bridge in Vermont and can see that exquisite canape of color greeting you at both ends, together with the aliveness of a mountain river incessantly gliding over the rocks with multicolored leaves of red and green floating down the river or attaching themselves to wet rocks. In the winter New England gets transformed into a magical winter wonderland. 




An artist friend once told me about a special place in New Hampshire’s White Mountains. A steep walk up a slope from the main road would take you to a place with massive boulders scattered around, covered with moss and beautiful ferns. It was like a giant magical rock garden where you felt almost as small as an insect. Everything was so raw, so earthy, and there were even patches of snow between the rocks in July! This created a natural evaporating mist that made the place truly magical. Honestly when I was there, I felt like I was in the Hobbit or the Wind in the Willows. It truly brought out the explorer within me and made me feel like a child again. 



Lost Eagle Studios specializes in creating virtual reality experiences of nature, by creating true photographed organic 3-D replicas of natural environments. It is our firm belief that it is only by reproducing nature in this way, and allowing people to actually explore these places, that one can recreate that special “something” that is so hard to put into words, that feeling you could only otherwise feel by actually being there. 

We will be imaging one location per week, either a well-known or off the beaten track location. We will promote them on Instagram and make them available on the Oculus Store for free for use on the Rift or Quest. We will be especially active during the Fall, a time when so many people love to visit New England but now might not be able to. The app, the “The New England Experience”, will consist of an ever-increasing gallery of some of the most special natural spaces that New England has to offer. 

To get the best out of this experience you will require a Virtual Reality headset, ideally the Oculus Quest. The Quest has sensors built in that can track exactly where you are at any time. This allows to physically walk within an environment. Imagine putting on your headset, seeing your sitting room disappear and slowly finding yourself inside one of New England’s covered bridges! You would be able to walk around, touch the edges of the bridge, and peek over the edge and look at the beautiful river below, all from the comfort of your sofa… 

Without a headset you can still join us on our adventures via Instagram but you should realize it won’t be nearly as immersive and visceral as in VR! 

We really hope that during this pandemic, when travel is increasingly more difficult and expensive, especially for international travelers, that you will be persuaded to buy an Oculus headset, join us on our exciting journey around New England, and feel connected with nature in a totally new and exciting way and feel transported to these magical places! 


Luke Farrer 

Lost Eagle Studios 

July 2020