‘Flume Gorge in Winter’ released

Flume Gorge is a beautiful spot in New England about a 2 hour drive north of Boston.

It is a beautiful “flume” or natural gorge and is very popular during the summer when it is open to the public. For a modest entrance fee you hike to this beautiful place and walk along a walkway and see the river and its magnificent waterfalls all around you. The walkway is cleverly designed – it is attached to one side of the gorge just above the river so that you can see the river beneath you and the magnificence of the canyon like gorge above you. The gorge is really thin and narrow. In some ways it resembles the beautiful slot canyons of Australia’s Blue Mountains National Park.

It is closed in winter. The walkway is dismantled and piled up as huge wooden planks nearby. During winter, Flume Gorge turns into a magical wonderland and is visited by ice climbers and hikers with good snow shoes or crampons. In some ways the magic of this place really comes out in winter as you see huge beautiful icicles hanging over the river, some of them pretty large and threatening. You definitely do not want to be here in the Spring when the ice like structures melt and crash into the river below.

I imaged this place in January and February in 2020. That was just before the pandemic hit. Now they have started to allow access to the Gorge again, but with all the requirements of social distancing.

This VR experience will allow you to fly around the main part of the gorge as if you were a bird, see the gorge from a variety of different positions and angles where a lot of people don’t venture. Flume Gorge really does seem like a different place wherever you look at it from. This experience will allow you to explore the place in total serenity from the comfort of your sofa without the crowds, the masks, and the social distancing.

We really hope you enjoy it and find it relaxing in these extraordinary times, especially if you would like to be there in person but cannot be there right now.

It is available for free on the Oculus Store.


"Flume Gorge in Winter" released!

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