Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy for this web site and its affiliated funds, general partners and management companies.

We are adopting this privacy policy to comply with our obligations under various federal laws and regulations. This policy covers our existing and future private investment funds and affiliated management entities, including our funds, general partners, managers and/or managing members, and other management entities.

“Customer includes limited partners in our private equity funds. Individual Customer Information, including such information handled or maintained on our behalf by Service Providers or our affiliates, shall be: (i) kept confidential, (ii) protected against threats or hazards to its security or integrity and (iii) protected against unauthorized access or use that could result in substantial harm or inconvenience to any Customer within the scope of our Privacy Notice. A copy of our Privacy Notice is available upon request. The Privacy Notice generally states that we do not disclose Individual Customer Information to anyone except as may be permitted by law or regulation, or to Service Providers as necessary and appropriate.

Any Service Provider we retain that receives or has access to Individual Customer Information must be capable of maintaining appropriate safeguards for such information to comply with applicable law.

If we receive any non-public Individual Customer Information (“Third Party Individual Customer Information”) from any unaffiliated financial institution (e.g., a third party general partner or private fund investor or co-investor), we will follow the same safeguarding procedures employed for our Individual Customer Information.